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At FastSpin, We take product quality seriously. Every device goes through an extensive series of tests to match the requirements of super critical applications.

Superb Software Platform for accessing every bit of your Xtrack


and for system developers, Rich set of APIs for complete integration

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No Monthly costs

Our platform is built on Pay-as-you-go principle.For normal usage you dont pay any monthly fee while enjoying all features of the platform.

Extremely data efficient

Sends data very fast when vehicle is on and very slow when vehicle is still.Result is extremely accurate vehicle tracking with very little data consumption.

Tracking History

2 days history is free of cost for all. If you need more , extend upto to 1 year history at dirt cheap prices.You see a beautiful path along which your vehicle moved during selected time period.

Smarter Alerts

You may set alerts for App only or SMS to multiple phone numbers.

OverSpeed Alerts

When the vehicle crosses a user configured speed.

Ignition Alerts

When the ignition of vehicle is turned on.

Immobilizer Alerts

When your vehicle moves even without key (Theft/Police Towing).

GeoFence Alerts

When your vehicle moves in or out of a user configured boundary.

Panic(SOS) Button

Alert you family and police in case of emergency.As per Indian government directions, It is mandatory for all public transport vehicles.


Speed Graph and Total Kilometers run during any selected time interval.

Remote Cut

This feature intends to turn your vehicle off using web/mobile App.Several trackers in market boast this feature but unfortunately we have not found a single model working flawlessly.Some of them unnecessarily turning your vehicle off when you need otherwise, some just wouldnt let you start your vehicle when there is no network.At the moment this is not a recommended module.We will let you know as soon as we are ready with a module which always works without any exceptions.

Modular Architecture

Modular Architecture allows adding 8 additional sensors like Fuel Sensor, Weight Sensor etc.


Xtrack is completely designed by Indian Researchers and completely manufactured in India.

API Access

Rich APIs for smooth integration with your Application.

× Industrial Monitoring

Custom Monitoring Solution for Enterprises

We offer unique custom made solutions for government/industrial sector.Physical quantity such as Temperature,Pressure,Liquid level, Liquid flow,Air flow , Weight,Machine on-off status,Air Quality,Medical vitals etc. can be monitored.Please contact us to discuss the requirement.